Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ok, It's been awhile

So, the circus got the best of the ringmaster, but I'm back and better than ever.  I thought I'd begin with a post of how I never seem to be able to  try to stay organized.

Organization is one of those things that is SO AWESOME when it is working...and so TERRIBLE when it is not working.  My number one rule is clean off your desk at the end of the day.
because this is NOT what I want to walk 
into in the morning.

Now, this is a little extreme.  It was the end of the grading period and everything was needing to be graded all at once, but we all have these days!  

What is your number one rule to stay organized?  Can't wait to get back into blogging and hopefully sharing some great resources and ideas with all you fabulous teachers out there :)