Thursday, September 29, 2011

Classroom Layout Folder

As part of a new (sucky) evaluation system in my state...I'm having to rethink and reevaluate everything I do and say in my classroom...headache, yes!  good in the end, maybe?!?!

ANYWAY, I sat down last week and pulled out these two file folders that are printed inside with graph paper.  I measured out my classroom by counting the carpet squares (the ONLY good thing about carpet squares in a classroom) and voila...I have a classroom layout folder.

I drew all my furnature on one and only the outline on the other.  After it was laminated, I cut out all the furnature and classroom fixtures (small group carpet, library area, etc...)  Then I flipped it over and double side taped it down.

Now, I can see were all my desks need to be!  I even could very carefully plan for where my students were going to sit.  I {heart} this!

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