Thursday, August 18, 2011

Classroom Library Makeover

I am a HUGE reader.  It really bums me out when students don't like reading...I loved it as a kid and continue to love it today.  I was never anywhere without a book in my bag.

Last year, I feel like I really reached my kids and awakened a love of reading.  My data to back that statement up? I had 7 of the top 20 A.R. point earners in the whole school in my class last year.  Even though A.R is not the end all be all of reading, it does show my students were some reading fools!  I was particularly proud of 2 of my students who were not exactly the brightest crayons in the box.  They really focused on books that were on their level and with the help of some audio books, they were VERY successful!

So...all that to say that I had a hard time helping my students find books they would enjoy.  After stalking some other fabulous blogs, I decided to organize my books by is the result

 I added a bookshelf...Target $12 on sale and the baskets...Dollar Tree and Big Lots

That cute green thing is also from Big can take off the top and store things inside also! It was a splurge at $20.  I passed it up at first, but thought about it everyday until payday.  When I went back, it was still there...meant to be.
As you can see, everything has a nice neat place.  The empty basket on top is for books I read aloud.  I use A LOT of picture books to teach reading, language, math, science, social name it.  The kids really love it when they can look at the book later on their own.

For my 4th graders, they have to be working their way through a chapter book during Silent Reading Time.  They can look at picture books when they are done with their work and only have a few minutes before we change classes.  

Below, you can see how I attached the pictures to the baskets.  I simply printed my labels out, attached them to index cards, laminated, punched holes, and attached with 1 1/2 inch rings.

I really wanted to make them round to match with my polka dot theme, but that did not work out this year.

I've never posted any files to share, but leave me a comment if you'd like my label file for the basket labels.  YAY!

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