Monday, August 22, 2011

Drama Llama

In the lower grades, it was tattling.  In the upper grades, it is drama.  I don't know about you, but I find myself inundated with DRAMA!  It is a life skill that is so important to learn...get over the drama!

Sometimes it is so bad that I really start compose a speech about how no one will ever truly be your friend if you don't drop the drama.

You know that child, too.  You are picturing her (or him) in your head right now.  So I invited a friend to my classroom,

Her name is Drama.  She sat on top of my cubbies with a cute little notebook, and the kids would write her a letter about what was bothering them.  Every week or so, I would read through and make sure nothing CRAZY was going on, but it really cut down on the drama in our classroom.

ReallyGoodStuff has a tattling turtle that has a CUTE poem, I am thinking of adapting to fit my needs.  My Kindergarten friend used him and loved it as well!

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