Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OMG, is it that time already???

One draw back to getting out of school before Memorial day is that you have to go back to school in early August.
I also had the bright idea to run a week of summer camp and leave the next day for a 8 day trip to South America...all butting right up to the first teacher day of school...WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

Anyway, the last two days I sat in meetings all day *blah, blah, blah* but I did take pictures!!

I am very blessed to have a HUGE classroom and access to a lot of furniture.  This is an upgrade from the very small single wide trailer I used to call home.  I do miss my trailer-mate though...can't have it all

 Taken from my door, that is not usually where my table is, but I've not moved it yet.  I guess you could call this my "focus wall".  Even in 4th grade, I still pull my kids up to the carpet to do Activ-Board activities.
 Again, taken from my door.  I love my windows.  They are big enough to let a TON of light in and I do not use my overhead lights with the students.
 This is my back wall, as you can see this is where all my stuff is stacked up for now... : (
Cubbie Area.  I use the majority for student cubbies, but I do utilize caddies to organize supplies in the top row.  I also am use the six cubbies on the side for math/reading center tubs.

Can't wait to show you pics when I get my things settled.

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