Monday, January 16, 2012

What is the Plan?

So, I've identified my clutter with the encouragement of ...

Unfortunately, teachers tend to not be very good stewards of our resources.  Nothing bothers me more than to make copies that don't get used or clean out old binders and throw away reams and reams of paper.  I try to use it as scrap paper, but how much scrap paper can you have before that is now your clutter?

I will RECYCLE A LOT of paper in the next few weeks.  I will REUSE a lot a binder in the next few weeks. I will REDUCE the number of things I print off the internet and copy for my class.
(That's an example of modeling targeted skill...points on evaluation?)

Ok...I'm going to tackle my huge grey cabinet's the before and the plan.

1. Organize plastic drawers into like items and label.

2.  Purge empty cardboard boxes just because they were there when I moved in does not mean they have to stay.

3. Ask the curriculum coach to store the extra box of leveled readers that I have (should note that I already convinced the ESL teacher to take one extra box.  How do you end up with 2 extra boxes of ESL readers!!!)

4. Label plastic shoe boxes of supplies.

5.  Find new, covered home for EVERYTHING on top.

6.  Figure out how to organize and store my large collection of posters.

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