Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Classroom Pet/Writing Topic

So, I've been thinking I would love to have one of those cubes that has the bamboo and the 2 frogs in it...however, I'm not ready to drop $20 on something I KNOW will not survive the whole year.

I've changed gears and now can even connect this new pet to STATE CURRICULUM STANDARDS!!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think...I like to talk out new ideas to identify where it could go drastically wrong.

I want to get a Beta fish...easy to care for and cheap to replace.  Each week a lucky student will get to be the Pet Manager.  Responsibilities will be to feed it.

Here's the amazing part, our fish is going to have its own blog!  Along with feeding the fish, that student will be allowed extra computer time to blog about what has gone on in the classroom that week.  Not only will they be motivated to write, but hopefully it will be a neat lesson on point of view and fictional narrative.

Now...what to name him

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  1. It's sooo easy to connect pets to standards! A good idea is to put out a school wide message saying you'll accept small pets (sometimes hamsters have a litter or students want to bring you a hermit crab back from a trip to the beach, etc.) Not sure what state you're in, but I just posted about the chicks and tadpoles we hatched - Chick it Out!

    Miss B, Busy Bee