Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dollar Tree Addict

I think I could create an entire blog dedicated to just this amazing store.  Now, don't be fooled by any other "dollar" store.  At Dollar Tree, everything is only $1 (+tax).  This is really great for someone who wants cute things for her classroom, but is realistic about the fact that it will go directly into a child's mouth or nose.

This is the part of the school day where I have a small demonstration about where not to put my belongs which always results in 18 kids who say "eww" and the one or two that realize I'm talking about them...

Here's my haul!!

Puzzles for a mission trip to south america...

These are wall stickers that I'm gonna place all around the room to make it "pretty"  I saw this on someone else's blog and LOVED it.  I just home they stick to cinderblock walls ok...

These are boxes with latched lids a little larger than a pencil box.  I'm planning on using them to sort and store math manipulatives.  Our county's math program came with a pouch for each student with all sorts of manipulatives inside.  I've of course never gotten them out because what teacher in their right mind would just hand over a pouch full of toys...I'm gonna separate them out into like items.
The best thing about this next basket is that I already have 6 more in different colors...they are the perfect size to fit in the window sill that takes up almost an entire wall of my classroom.  Makes that space usable.
This little box will be filled with sugar free candy to use as bribes, I mean positive reinforcement for participating in classroom discussion.

Letters and borders...what new teacher doesn't need that.  Can't wait to tell you how I organize them!!

Here's the stack to take to the classroom sometime this week so my poor hubbie doesn't trip over it every morning. 

And $30 later, I'm still addicted to the Dollar Tree.  I'm trying to decide which one to hit up next.  I know where at least 8 locations are near my house, and have even sunk so low as to make my husband stop when we were out of town on vacation.  


  1. Yet another reason to love the dollar tree! I have become ever worse with the dollar tree because I have found that every store has slightly different items so I will hit up the ones that are 20-30min. from me as well.

  2. The Dollar Tree is AMAZING! :-) We have two in our town. And I "hit them up" often. I also love the dollar spot at Target.

  3. I love Dollar Tree -- they have the best supplies for teachers. Just the other day they posted an interesting back-to-school video on all their great finds.