Friday, June 3, 2011

Linky Party Fun of my favorite additions is the Littlest Learners Blog and she is hosting a Linky Party.  I've throughly enjoyed looking through the other linked is my summer to do list

1. Revamp my science curriculum.  I am blessed to be on a team of 5 WONDERFUL teachers and we each plan one subject area and my happens to be my favorite.  Science, however, does not count towards our school's state testing data so it OFTEN (read ALWAYS) gets cut from the important list.  My goal is to make it completely literacy based so that I can justify it needed classroom time.

2.  Figure out what place a "word wall" has in a 4th grade classroom.  Apparently this will be on some sort of check list next year and I am required to have it...

3.  Take a large tote of books to my favorite used book store and replace it with an equally large tote of books that are on my school's AR list.

4.  Read a little bit of literary "trash" and not think about school at ALL

5.  Visit all the doctors and have all the repairs made to my house that were not important enough to go through the trouble of getting a sub.

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