Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wish List Linky Party

Really Roper is hosting a linky party about classroom wish lists...what would I like to have in my classroom??

1.  Itunes Money - I love using audio books in my's the problem - our library only has picture book sets of books and cds.  Over the years, I've collected some from Wendy's KidsMeals so I've got about 15 novels on cd.  I wrote a grant last year and got a class set of personal cd players and my students had a blast reading longer novels.  I used up the last of my classroom money to buy 2 more on Itunes, but I would love to have more!

2. Personal White Boards...I know, I know...Lowes will cut down the shower board for you and it is so cheap.  THe problem is that I go every year to buy the shower board and have it cut...AND THEY WONT DO IT!!!!!  It is so frustrating because it appears everyone else accomplishes this task with ease, but not me!  I've been to all the home stores in my area, and they all refuse!!!!! Never fear, I just found these at the dollar tree and when my paycheck gets deposited, they will be mine.  

3.  Ideas for this organizer.  I was fortunate enough to be the first one to claim this prize...although in the 10 minutes it took me to put down my lunch and round up students to carry it, someone tried to sneak off with it...
mine is actually bigger than this one...16 total boxes

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