Wednesday, June 29, 2011

File Organization Linky Party

Angelia at Extra Special Teaching is having a linky party about how you store your files on the computer.

Here is how I do it...1st of all, I have a MAC computer at my school hooked up to an activ board.  That means that my computer desktop is essentially a large part of my class decor.  I keep my desktop clean of all files except for what I need for instruction that week.

I also keep all my files on a jump drive.  Being a new teacher, I've unfortunately shifted around a lot in the last 3 years.  Having everything set up on my jump drive makes changing schools and computers very easy.

So here's how its set up.

The dated folders contain anything that has my student's names on it, and also sub plans for that year.  Basically anything that is made for a specific class or day during that year.  

There are a lot of folders from my intern year (i.e. portfolio items, behavoir management, and articles).
The 2 most important are the lesson plans folder and the newsletter folder.

As you can see, I've made my lesson plan files similar to a filing cabinet.  There are folders within the "drawer" that tell me the subject.  I've got some filing to do to the reading folder, but this really helps me plan.  I look at the standards for that week, go to that folder and have several activities or flip-charts (fancy powerpoints) to choose from.

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  1. Thanks for joining my Linky Party. I finally deleted all the stuff that was specific to my student teaching last night. I'm still hanging onto all my grad school stuff.......I'm not exactly what for though!