Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trash to Treasure Linky Par-Tay!

I'm really lovin' these linky parties.  I did not plan on posting a second time today, but I wanted to share my trash to treasure final product!  Oh Boy! 4th Grade is on my list now!

Here is my trash ( it was however, my husband's tresure).  It hung in our apartment for a long time, didn't quite get "lost in the move", but has yet to find a home in our new home...until I stumbled upon a home-maker's blog (see previous post here).

So, I thought and thought and thought and decided to turn this into a classroom calendar/dry erase board.


I will go back and add in our classroom's schedule when it is determined in the fall.  I've also decided to put a lunch section above the calendar.  I will have a calendar manager that will change our special area and lunch choice daily.  SO SUPER EXCITED!!

The designs and text are written in sharpie on the wrong side of the glass.  I printed what I wanted on the computer and held it up to the light.  The little designs around the calendar are a leaf, a snowflake, and a flower...all found online and traced.  The blog I got the idea from used vinyl stickers, but I don't have one of those awesome machines.  



  2. It turned out great! Way to stay organized and on top of things!

  3. Great example of reusing. This could have several neat extensions during your classroom teaching. An additional idea might be to add some metal to the back of your pink paper. This could create enough pull that you could post movable pieces on your schedule. This could become a student job to change the calendar if you wanted.

    Thank you,
    William Smith