Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Debbie Diller? Yes, Please!

So, in my county we are required to participate in 18 hours of "un-scheduled inservice".  Here this translates to finding something that fits into your schedule, but not necessarily anything you really care about.

These trainings usually range from boring to down right ridiculous.

Today, however, I experienced a first.  An inservive workshop that was engaging.  And better yet, I am already working on a plan to implement it into my classroom!!!  What a joy.  My teammate even won the book in the door-prize drawing SO I DONT HAVE TO BUY IT!!

Post me some comments and let me know if you use the Debbie Diller model of work stations (not centers...I'm getting the lingo down!) in your classroom.  I'd be interested to hear how they really work in an upper grade classroom.

I'm pretty proud of my center routine, but it is very time consuming.  I made TONS of card games and file folder games (because of course they don't make those for upper grade kids).  I had a pretty good routine going, but of course I had to rock the boat and decide that I wanted to make it better.  I even made these cute center signs with pictures...

I still think I can and will use them though.  I wish I had a picture of my center container, though...I got a closet organizer from Jo-Ann's that looks very similar to this...

and used these velcro closing plastic envelopes from my favorite office supply store

and created my own "take it to your seat" center.  It really worked well for me...

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